About the project

On November 23, 2020 GM Construction started construction of residential buildings by order of the State Housing Construction Agency (MİDA) in Hovsan Residential Complex located in the western part of Hovsan settlement of Surakhany district of Baku. Professional brigade of experienced specialists has constructed 9 storey buildings numbered 24, 25, 27, 28 with 2 entrances and 12 storey buildings numbered 23 and 26 with 1 entrance according to all quality standards on 0,98 hectares of residential complex with total area of 18.81 hectares.

It should be noted that this is not the only project of the company, executed by MİDA. GM Construction is one of the companies involved in the construction of Yasamal Residential Complex and Ganja Residential Complex. 

Basic information

  • Customer: State Housing Development Agency
  • Start date: 2020-11-23
  • End date: 2022-06-02
  • Area: 9800.000 m²