We have high standards and great goals!

GM Construction, operating since 2016, in a short time has managed to become one of the important participants in the construction sector of our country. The company has formed a professional team of experienced professionals and has implemented numerous and diverse projects that meet modern quality standards. Thanks to proper planning and prompt solutions, GM Construction has guaranteed precise and timely implementation of the projects, which in its turn has ensured consistently high customer satisfaction.


Our professional team guarantees quality completion of complex projects

We attach great importance to accuracy at each stage of the construction process, from design to handover.

We are responsible for the timely completion and delivery of the project with high quality.

We are attentive to the desires and needs of each customer, we strive to do the best.

Message from the Director-General

“As GM Construction from the first day of its activity in construction sector of Azerbaijan we have chosen realizing important projects meeting high standards as our main goal. We may proudly say that we are working tirelessly to find high quality, innovative and original solutions in construction process and aiming to achieve higher goals. Implementing both large-scale infrastructural and social projects and private projects of various purposes we have achieved a peculiar position in the construction market of the country. Each of our success, of course, was achieved due to the work of our professional team, innovative approach and correct management policy.

I am sure that this cooperation will not only bring satisfaction to our customers but will also contribute to realization of various and unique projects in construction sector of our country in years to come.

Ilgar Mammadov

Director-General of GM Construction

We know the formula for a successful partnership!

We are attentive to each customer's wants and needs and strive to make the best of it.