GM Construction - Xidmətlər

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Foundation works

Mechanical site preparation, excavation, leveling, ground preparations, horizontal and vertical waterproofing, backfilling and other works.

Reinforced concrete construction

Installation of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs, walls and diaphragms, columns, beams, supports, bottom chords, staircases, elevator shafts and floor slabs, installation of precast reinforced concrete slabs and other similar works.

Interior works

Installation of interior works inside the building - interior doors, sanitary units, any kind of furniture, bringing interior lighting systems to full readiness for use and other similar works.

Improvement works

Construction includes asphalting and landscaping of adjacent areas, landscaping works, provision of lighting, installation of playgrounds, etc.

Facade works

Facade thermal insulation with stone wool. Facade cladding aglai, alkapon, stoneware, marble, granite stones and other materials. Performance of painting work on the facade.

Masonry, plastering and flooring

Masonry work on walls with cobblestone, hollow brick, Gobustan stone and other types of stone. Plastering the walls with cement-sand mortar, putty (spike) and slaked lime. Carrying out work on the laying of the floor with any kind of flooring materials.

Interior finishing works

Making ceilings of different materials, painting ceilings, interior walls and floors, wallpapering and other aesthetic finishing works.

Communication works

Complete preparation of electric, communication, water and sewerage, gas and other utility lines and necessary infrastructure within the area and the site.


Designing, which is considered the initial stage of the construction process, includes the process of developing a preliminary design, plan, facade and perspective drawings of the project, etc., taking into account the functionality, safety and energy efficiency of the object to be built.